Repurposing vintage finds has always been a hobby of mine and when I learned that Bend and the surrounding areas did not have a resource to rent items like this I jumped on the opportunity.

As if having these items wasn't fun enough, I now get to enjoy helping people make their events and photos stand out and truly make an impression. How better to make a wedding or private party feel elegant and comfortable at the same time? Or to make your photos timeless and unique?

My parents gave me the nickname "Peanut" growing up, so it felt fitting to round out my business with the name. I feel honored that my clients trust me to make their visions come to life. I am excited to continue this profession and help others make great memories, as well as my own!

I plan to continue the hunt for great vintage items, so please inquire about any item you do not see. Also, please check back to see my inventory for any new additions.

Thank you for your interest, and hope to meet you soon.

Kimberly Chassie

Owner, Peanut's Gallery