Curated Events (formerly Peanut's Gallery Bend) was born in the summer of 2014, bringing specialized rentals to the Central Oregon area for the first time.  Created out of my own desire to style, and the demand for these items for local events, we have had a lot of fun working with our clients!

Our rentals are an amazing way to add elegance, functionality, and sparkle people will be asking about.  Set the scene at your event and make a statement your guests will remember.

Please inquire about any item you do not see. Also, please check back to see my inventory for any new additions.




People often ask me "where do you find everything?"  The answer is : all over!  Flea markets, antique stores, people selling things online.  My favorite part of it all is the hunt.  The hardest part is USING RESTRAINT, and no, it never gets easier to do so.

Living in beautiful Central Oregon has been such a privilege.  As you will see all of my inventory is named after a place in the area that has inspired me.  I hope you will get inspired, too!

Let us at Curated Events help you achieve the look you are going for, without all of the work.  Rest easy with our rental, delivery, and on site styling services.

Thanks so much for looking at Curated Events!