My time at Lend and Gather, a boutique rental conference.

This past August I was lucky enough to attend an amazing conference, focused on boutique rental companies from around the country.  The conference took place in Brooklyn, NY.  This was my first time in Brooklyn and I immediately felt the buzz of the community when I arrived.  Still feeling adrenaline from driving into the city and over the Brooklyn bridge I was excited for the experience to come.  Some of my nerves were also because I was the only attendee from Central Oregon. Without disappointment, we all made new friends, learned from the best, and left with new inspiration to reach our goals.  

One of the questions asked by a speaker was "who feels alone in their business".  Every one of us raised our hands.  It can be a scary, vulnerable place to be when you have this vision for success in your belly but have to wade through deep water of challenges at the same time.  Some of the speakers talked about a time that their bottom line was suffering, and how they came back to be one of the top companies in the nation.  We all discussed solutions to our challenges and their was an air of support for one another in the atmosphere.  

And, speaking of atmosphere, the decor, florals, and killer venue were so inspiring!  The organizers really went all out to create a vibe for all of us to get our learning on!  If you ever have the opportunity to attend I highly recommend it, and I look forward to going again next year (the location is a surprise!!)

ConferenceLend and Gather

VenueThe Wythe Hotel

Conference PhotographyBonnie and Lauren

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